WordPress Training Manual – FREE


Perfect for website owners, content developers and marketers who need to access WordPress. This handy manual is a simple how to guide on how to complete the most common WordPress activities. If you are after a more comprehensive guide, we also sell a comprehensive version for $9.99.

Price: Free for the PDF version, $2.99 for the Word version (editable), $9.99 for the comprehensive PDF version or $17.99 for the comprehensive Word (editable) version.


12 page PDF focusing on:

  • The Basics: How to log into your WordPress dashboard
  • To Log in
  • The Dashboard
  • The text editor
  • Using the editing icons
  • Writing posts
  • Adding tags
  • Adding links
  • Adding media
  • Inserting images
  • Adding/editing pages
  • Updating WordPress and its plugins
  • Notes
A training manual which defines whole process of developing and maintaining the wordpress website. This manual is free of cost.
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Julia Taine, Executive Director of Vent2Me, is a marketing problem solver and mentor. A mover and a shaker, Julia sees a niche in an industry, and takes it, by making it her own. Julia started Vent2Me, because people she knew were struggling with their online presence and their digital strategies. Julia knew she could help these people, and so here she is today.


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