AGL customer service – we miss you!

February 21, 2012 / no comments

We recently received an angry letter from a South Australian resident who is disputing incorrect charges being applied to their electricity bill.

The issue resulted when a customer’s notification of a change of address was lost/not documented by the electrical supplier AGL. As a result the resident’s electricity was cut off at the new home. The funny thing is despite AGL apparently not receiving notification, the company managed to invoice the resident twice (one for the new property and one for the old property).  How can AGL claim ignorance or missing records if they managed to invoice the resident even charging him twice for the establishment fee!

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Why using a reliable supplier is important in ensuring business success.

December 16, 2011 / one comment

Let’s face it. A business no matter how much it wants to be a one stop shop, cannot do everything. This is why supply chain management is a multi million dollar business. As a business you need to realize that even if you have done your part of the process, inadequate suppliers can let you down.

From a consumer’s perspective, it doesn’t matter if the supplier is at fault, they will hold you responsible for choosing an inadequate supplier, which will tarnish your brand reputation. This is particularly important if you promise or guarantee things which are outside your level of control.

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How organisations should handle negative reviews or fake reviews on websites such as trip advisor

September 16, 2011 / no comments

A recent article regarding fraudulent reviews on the popular travel site ‘Trip Advisor‘ has given us an excellent topic for a new blog post.

Web 2.0 is all about sharing, reviewing and participating in virtual communities, it’s for this reason that it’s no surprise that review websites are becoming so popular. But what should you do if you are an organisation that has recently received a negative or fraudulent review?

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London. Home to Big Ben, the British Monarchy and Sainsburys/Tesco (companies that do not appreciate customer service)

September 16, 2011 / no comments

Highlights: Seeing the Phantom of  the Opera in the West End
Lowlights: Staff not smiling at any retail store or supermarket

London is an exciting city. London offers endless choices for entertainment and work prospects, which is why so many expats decide to call it their home. In London everything moves at its own pace which is FAST.  If you get in someone’s way they will just keep walking until you move out of THEIR way. Don’t get me wrong, in general Londoners are friendly people and if you need help with directions they will help you (special mention goes to their public transport officers, who were consistently helpful).

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Singapore, the land of tiger beer, hawker food, large shopping malls and a society that encourages a good life for Singaporeans and expats.

August 17, 2011 / no comments

Let’s face it, Singapore is a lucky country located in a convenient location that sees it being the main point of call for UK, European and Asia-Pacific countries, Singapore has grown into a beautiful metropolis  and unlike other Asian countries – their first language is English, so what isn’t there to love?

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Vodafone implements service recovery strategy

April 30, 2011 / no comments

Anyone who is with Vodafone, would have known that text message service was useless on Easter Sunday – as no text messages were able to be sent or received. This is frustrating on any day – after all, the purpose of a mobile phone is to communicate with one another. But because it occurred on Easter Sunday, the matter was made worse – how many of you with a Vodafone phone would have loved to sent out text messages to family and friends and couldn’t? I know I was one, but enough about bashing Vodafone, they get enough of that as it is (after all read our previous blog post about them!).

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