Why send an electronic email if you don’t personalize it? A lesson for organisations to understand

June 20, 2011 / no comments


Contours DL

Why send an electronic direct mail, if you have nothing of value to add?

Electronic marketing is very close to our heart, it’s what we love to do – to us there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of an effective eMarketing strategy. So it frustrates us when we receive an electronic direct mail (eDM) that is not up to scratch.

On Sunday evening, I was going through my email and sorting through what I consider junk – when I came across the above. The first thing that came to my mind was – why on earth would an organisation send out a DL via email without personalizing it or making it relevant to my needs?

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Not happy with an organisation? Vent2Me about it!

January 16, 2011 / no comments

Recent media reports regarding the war against online shopping and retail giants such as Harvey Norman, Myer and so forth provides a perfect example of ‘out-of-touch’ organisations who do not know what their customers want.

In this example, if Gerry Harvey spent the last two years developing an online retail strategy, instead of fighting and arguing against the rise of online shopping, things could have been very different for him, and I’m sure customers would have been happy to purchase items through them (read our previous blog post for our take on online shopping).

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The equation that is supply and demand and why it affects your profitability!

December 26, 2010 / no comments

Anyone who has studied microeconomics or runs a business knows that one of the most important equations is how to balance supply with demand. Supply and demand is great in theory but what about in reality and what happens in the circumstances that supply doesn’t equal demand?

So this week we will focus on providing strategies to overcome supply and demand issues. To begin with there are four types of constraints that you must be aware of:

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